Saturday, 18 August 2012

Eid Wish of Adi Setia

Alhamdulillah, we have reached the end of Ramadan. Hopefully the last month has been spent in intense worship and prayer with sincerity in seeking Allah's mercy, forgiveness and liberty from the fire.

As we anticipate the birth of the new moon of Syawal, our hearts are divided between the celebration of Eid and our farewell to Ramadan. It seems that Ramadan went by too quickly. We can only recall now the moments that makes Ramadan what it is. When the food never tasted better, when the blessing of water was truly experienced and when everybody ate at the same time in a congregation.

We look back at nights filled with the remembrance of Allah, recitation of Quran, salutations, supplications and reflections. The brightly lit masajid filled with men and women, young and old in a gathering filled with mercy and forgiveness. As the children chatter, men and women stand, bow down and prostrate in humility, begging Allah for His mercy and forgiveness. The silence of the nights are broken by the beautiful sobbing of the believers as tears roll down their faces in praying for the mercy of The Most Merciful. Those nights are gone and will never return. We can only pray that the past Ramadan has been fulfilling and that Allah has been pleased with our effort.

Ramadan's departure is painful as an intimate relationship with the blessed month, built on the foundation of imaan and taqwa developed from the birth of the crescent...Rabbi wa its departure. We pray and hope that Allah extends our life so that we may again meet our beloved Ramadan next year. Now as we usher the month of Syawal, let Allah's glorification be heard throughout its appointed time. We glorify Him Who has bestowed enormous amount of mercy, pardon and forgiveness on us, especially in the past Ramadan. May God bless all of you with His choicest favors and gifts during the special day of Eid ul Fitr. May your Festival be Blessed! And may each returning year find these blessings and goodness renewed in your life!

EID MUBARAK! Kullu am wa antum bi kair, Min al aidil wal faidzin

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